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How does Popconvert Work?

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Impressive Results:

Email Segmentation

With email targeting, you can get better, more targeted and qualified direct mail for your ecommerce business.

Interactive Pop Ups

Gamification creates a pleasant experience to engage the user. Because of this, interactive pop-ups get 20 times more results than static pop-ups.

Email Open Rate

By using gamification and best practices, you'll get more leads, improve your
user experience and will increase the email open rate.

Custom Audience Integration

Engaged leads make it easy to strengthen customer relationships and provide a fun, interactive experience.

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With our innovative software, you will:


To grow your ecommerce revenue, increase your conversion rates, and boost your sales it’s crucial to generate more leads. Email marketing is a cheap, easy, and efficient channel to do so, besides, to monetize your website traffic.

Popconvert can turn your website visitors into leads. Through gamification, we can skyrocket your conversion rates, and provide you a new and qualified email list. We also use interactive pop ups and the best opt in practices to help you to get your true potential.

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Compare Popconvert’s High Performance

High Performance

with Popconvert

Conversion Rate

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  • Gamification for better user engagement
  • Great user experience
  • High performance in lead capture
  • Interactive pop ups

Low Performance

without Popconvert

Conversion Rate

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  • Annoying pop ups
  • No user interaction
  • Low performance in lead capture
  • Static pop ups
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80 Conversions or 7 days FOR FREE

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