Privacy Policy


Please read this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your Personal Data and how this data is processed.

This Policy applies to individuals (natural persons) who interact with the Popconvert website, such as consumers and users (“You”). This Policy explains how your Personal Data is collected, used and disclosed by Popconvert (referred to in this policy as “Popconvert”, “We”, or “Us”). It also tells you how You can access and update your Personal Data and make certain decisions about how your Personal Data is used.

This Policy covers our data collection activities both online and offline, covering the Personal Data that We collect through our website or on our platform ( or

In some specific cases, if You decide not to provide us with your Personal Data identified as necessary (We will indicate when this is the case, for example by explicitly placing this information in our registration forms), or if you do not agree with the content of this policy, it is not recommended to use any of our services.


Data Privacy


Popconvert’s main objective is to generate data from the users of its website, focusing on a more personalized and assertive relationship with future clients, companies, and consumers. For this same reason, we propose to collect only and exclusively the data that is necessary to provide us with data from future customers, enabling the necessary customization and assertiveness in our sales.




The meaning of the following words or expressions:

Customer: are those who have accepted the terms and conditions of use of the software, privacy policy, and Popconvert cookie policy with an active account on the Popconvert platform.

Personal data: information relating to the identified or identifiable natural person.

LGPD: General Data Protection Law. It is the Brazilian version of the processing of personal data, effective from 08/16/2020.

Processing of personal data: any operation carried out with personal data, such as those relating to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.

User: are all visitors to a website that uses Popconvert’s services.

Visitor: are all those who visit the website with the intention of knowing better or acquiring our platform.


About the rights of the holder of Personal Data


You have the right to confirm the existence, access, review, modify, and/or request an electronic copy of your Personal Data information that is processed by Popconvert.

You also have the right to request details about the origin of your Personal Data or the sharing of this data with third parties.

At any time, You may also limit the use and disclosure, or revoke consent to any of our activities for processing your Personal Data, except in situations provided for in current legislation.

These rights can be exercised through the communication channels detailed in this policy, being necessary to validate your identity by providing a copy of your ID or equivalent means of identification, in accordance with current legislation.

Whenever a request is submitted without providing the necessary evidence to prove the legitimacy of the data subject, the request will be automatically rejected. Please note that any identifying information provided to popconvert will only be processed in accordance with, and to the extent permitted by, applicable laws.

Please note that in certain cases, we will not be able to delete your Personal Data without also deleting your user account. Additionally, some situations require the retention of your Personal Data after You request its deletion, in order to satisfy legal or contractual obligations.

When available, our website will have a dedicated function for You to review and edit Your Personal Data. We emphasize that popconvert requests the validation of your identity before allowing access to or modification of your Personal Data, thus ensuring that there is no unauthorized access to your account and associated personal data.

Popconvert does its best to be able to answer any questions that You may have about the way in which we process your Personal Data. However, if You have unresolved concerns, You have the right to complain to the relevant data protection authorities.


What Personal Data is collected and how we collect it


When connecting to our website, Popconvert collects the following information from visitors by the following ways:

  • Visitor Data: whenever a visitor registers and shares data through a form within our domain, we collect data such as Name, Company Name, Company Domain, Telephone and Email. This data is used for the purpose of acquiring new customers for Popconvert, that is, it will feed our commercial department, which in turn, will actively contact the subscriber commercially.
  • Facebook Login: If the Login with Facebook button is available on any page within the domain of or for account creation or contact request, the data collected will be used for the purpose of acquiring new customers for Popconvert, that is, it will feed our commercial department, which, in turn, will actively enter into commercial contact with the subscriber.
  • Cookies: there will be more information about the collection of cookies later in the privacy policy.
  • Customer service and sales center: Communications made with You through our call and sales centers.

This data is recorded in our own platform’s database, in Email marketing and sales CRM platforms, such as Pipedrive.


About the use of your Personal Data


  • Visitor and customer data: This data is for internal use for sales prospecting, presentations, billing and eventual communications from Popconvert. Access to visitors’ personal data is restricted to those involved in the Popconvert project and no data is publicly disclosed. If the data is legally required, Popconvert will then need to share it with the competent authorities, being prohibited in any other circumstances for the data to be shared and exposed publicly, being only used internally in CRM and Email Marketing platforms such as Hubspot for purposes of the customer acquisition process for Popconvert. We also commit not to sell, rent or transfer customer user base data to third parties, except when necessary for the provision of services, as in the case of data storage servers. If Popconvert captures the photos or videos of visitors or customers who have attended any physical event in which there was contact with Popconvert, the content will be used for Marketing and Sales purposes, they will be used without prior authorization for publication.


  • Reason for using your personal data in this situation:
    • Fulfill contractual obligations;
    • Legal obligations;
    • Our legitimate interests;
    • We have obtained your consent (where necessary).


  • Our legitimate interests in this situation:
    • Improve and develop new products and services;
    • Protect our systems, networks and employees;
    • Fully comply with legal obligations.


  • Popconvert customer site user data: popconvert makes available to its customers, through its software, a tool for marketing and sales automation, Pop-ups, Forms, sending email marketing, among others that involve managing personal information of users with whom your customers have a relationship. However, it is important to mention that popconvert does not use this data, and may have access to the information and data collected by customers exclusively for the specific purposes of providing services and using the Platform, in order to minimize incidents involving personal data, we adopt the best practices of information security and secure development on the market in order to provide a secure tool for managing your personal data and their customers’ data as well.


  • Reason for using your personal data in this situation:
    • Fulfill contractual obligations;
    • Legal obligations;
    • Our legitimate interests;
    • We have obtained your consent (where necessary).


  • Our legitimate interests in this situation:
    • Improve and develop new products and services;
    • Protect our systems, networks and employees;
    • Fully comply with legal obligations.


  • Other purposes and general situations: In accordance with current legislation, popconvert uses your Personal Data for other general business purposes, such as conducting internal or market research and measuring the effectiveness of our service.


  • Reason for using your personal data in this situation:
    • Fulfill contractual obligations;
    • Legal obligations;
    • Our legitimate interests;
    • We have obtained your consent (where necessary).


  • Our legitimate interests in this situation:
    • Improve and develop new products and services;
    • Protect our systems, networks and employees;
    • Fully comply with legal obligations.


About the legal bases for data collection


On the legal grounds for collecting and processing data from users, visitors and customers, Popconvert undertakes to fully comply with data protection legislation. Only forms authorized by law will be used as a legal basis for data collection, such as consent, legitimate interest and regular execution of signed contracts, however, not limited to them.

If the data processing is done on the basis of other laws, the basis for processing may not be listed above and may, in these circumstances, be based on the consent of the visitor, user or customer for all purposes. Also, when the legal basis for collection is not consent, current legislation will always be observed, as well as respecting the individual rights and freedoms of data subjects.


About Personal Data of Children and Adolescents


Popconvert does not knowingly request, collect, process, store or share personal data from minors. If we discover that any kind of handling of such data has taken place, unintentionally, we will take all reasonable steps to erase any personal data information collected about minors, when done without the confirmed consent of the parents.

However, popconvert may collect personal data from children and adolescents directly from their parents or legal guardians, and with explicit consent, and in accordance with the rules of current legislation.


About the use of Cookies


Cookies are small text files that may be placed on your computer or portable device by websites or web services that You use. They are used to ensure the proper functioning of websites and other online services, as well as to provide information to the owners of the website or online service.

Cookies are used to improve the use and functionality of the popconvert website and to better understand how our visitors use our website and online service, as well as the tools and services offered by them. Cookies facilitate the process of adapting the popconvert website to your personal and business needs, facilitating their use, and receiving feedback on the satisfaction of our consumers whenever possible.

The popconvert website may also use other tracking technologies similar to Cookies, which may collect information such as IP addresses, log files and web beacons, among others. This data is also used to help us adapt the popconvert website and service to your personal needs.

It is important to remember that it is up to You to ensure that the settings on Your computer or handheld device reflect whether You consent to accepting Cookies or not.

Most browsers allow You to set rules to warn You before accepting Cookies or simply rejecting them. We recommend that you check the “help” button on your browser if you are not enabled to automatically refuse cookies, as this will guarantee you a better experience on our website. Please note that if You use different browsers, or even different computers and/or handheld devices in different locations, You will need to ensure that each device and browser is set to your personal Cookie preferences.


About sharing your Personal Data with third parties


Any third party not contractually bound to Popconvert or its customers is expressly prohibited from accessing user data. We do not work and do not plan to work with Cookie Pools, based on national and international data protection laws, we understand that the user can only have their data shared with prior consent.

In addition to Popconvert itself, no other company not mentioned contractually or client will have access to the data and personal information of its leads. We will never share base between our customers, since such practices constitute a violation of user privacy and are harmful to the market.

If the data is legally required, Popconvert will have to share it with the competent authorities, under no other circumstances will the data be shared and will never be publicly exposed. If a user, visitor or customer contacts us asking to exercise their right to object or oblivion, we may keep some data to comply with legal obligations.


About data processing for lead generation for popconvert customers


It is the responsibility of each Popconvert customer to correctly inform their own channels about their Cookies policies, and what data they are collecting from their users to monitor their behavior and in this way be able to represent an improvement in their experience.

About using Google Analytics Data

If the Customer decides to connect to Google Analytics 4 integration. Data from Google Analytics 4 will be sent to Popconvert in order to be analyzed in Popconvert’s Dashboard.

For relevant actions of website customers’ visitors, Popconvert will emit a specific event that will be available to understand the performance of customer website users who have participated in Popconvert’s gamified and interactive on-site experiences.

Popconvert use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


About the disclosure and storage of your Personal Data


Popconvert adopts adequate security measures for your Personal Data, ensuring that it is kept confidential and secure. These protections do not apply to information that You choose to share in public areas, such as third-party social networks. Main measures we follow:

  • Persons who may access your Personal Data: Your Personal Data will be processed by authorized agents, as long as they need to have access to such information, depending on the specific purposes for which your Personal Data was collected.
  • Measures taken in operational environments: Storage of Personal Data in operational environments that use reasonable security measures, both technical and administrative, to prevent any type of unauthorized access. We follow reasonable protocols to protect Personal Data.

It should be noted that the holders may limit the use and disclosure of their data at any time, except in situations provided for current legislation.


About the security of your data


All personal data processed by Popconvert are stored on servers with high security standards. This means that we bring more layers of protection to your information, making it more difficult for third parties to breach it.

For more information, see:


About the retention and termination of the processing of your Personal Data


In accordance with current legislation, popconvert uses your Personal Data for as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes for which your Personal Data was collected, as described in this policy, or to comply with applicable legal requirements.

Personal Data used to provide a personalized experience to You will be kept exclusively for as long as permitted, in accordance with current legislation.

When at the end of the processing of your Personal Data, they will be eliminated within the scope and technical limits of the activities, with the conservation authorized in the situations provided for the current legislation.


Modifications in our Privacy Policy


Whenever popconvert decides to change the way we treat your Personal Data, this Policy will be updated. We reserve the right to make changes to our practices and this Policy at any time, as long as we maintain compliance with current legislation.

We recommend that You visit our Privacy Policy frequently, or whenever you have questions, to see any updates or changes to it.


How to contact us


You can contact us for:

  • Ask questions or comments about this Policy and our privacy and Personal Data protection practices;
  • Complain;
  • Confirmation of the existence of processing of your Personal Data;
  • Obtain information on how to access your Personal Data;
  • Perform the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data;
  • Obtain information about the anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or treated data in violation of the provisions of current legislation;
  • Obtain information about the portability of your personal data to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with current legislation;
  • Request the deletion of personal data processed with your consent, except in the cases provided for in current legislation;
  • Request details of the public and private entities with which we share your Personal Data;
  • Obtain information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of this refusal;
  • Revoking consent for the processing of your Personal Data, except in the cases provided in current legislation;
  • Other rights of the holder of personal data, according to current legislation.


To this end, we request that You contact us using the following channel:


Popconvert will receive, investigate and respond, within a reasonable period of time, to any request or complaint about the way in which We handle your Personal Data, including complaints about our rights being violated under applicable Personal Data protection and privacy laws.