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How Kings Sneakers increased its lead capture by 1.380% and made over US$ 7.500 with Popconvert gamification.

I think you’ll agree with me that leads are essential to every marketing strategy. Indeed, the subscriber base quality it’s critical when it comes to optimizing the results of your campaigns.

In this customer story, you will see how Popconvert helped Kings Sneakers to increase its lead generation by 1380%, and how the coupons generated by the spin to win wheel expanded the store’s revenue.

If you want to generate more leads, optimize your marketing strategies, and increase your business sales, I’m sure that this article is for you.

Meet Kings Sneakers

The first Kings Store was founded in 2007 in downtown São Paulo. Focused on the urban culture, Kings Sneakers was a pioneer in Brazil. Eight months after its promising beginning, Nike became interested in Kings Sneakers. With great dedication, the brand expanded into a successful business.

Currently, Kings Sneakers has more than 70 stores throughout Brazil and knows that lead generation is an important factor for its continuous growth.

The challenge

See what João Navia, eCommerce Manager at Kings Sneakers says:

“Before we got Popconvert, we had a big email capture issue. Our capture used to be very little, around 2k or 3k leads, some months 4k leads, but never more than that.”

Before Kings Sneakers and Popconvert partnership, the lead generation was made through newsletters and purchase registration, which resulted in a low-performance email list.

With this method, the number of leads generated was very low, despite the enormous potential of Kings Sneakers.

Popconvert's solution

Popconvert uses gamification, and above all, seeks to improve user engagement, eliminate wasted traffic, apply the opt in best practices, and create a qualified subscriber base.

When Kings Sneakers started using Popconvert, it inserted the tag on its website and personalized its pop up, so that it looked like the store:

roleta kings popconvert

The pop up type chosen was the Spin to Win Wheel, which allows visitors to register their email addresses to play, and thus, they get a discount coupon and the email is captured.

When choosing this method, Kings Sneakers noticed that, in addition to capturing visitors’ emails in greater quantity and quality, the engagement created by gamification follows the lead throughout the entire sales funnel. Thus, after Popconvert, the average number of leads captured per month increased significantly.

See down below Kings Sneakers lead generation evolution with Popconvert gamification:

= 1.380% increased leads

By creating a qualified subscriber base, Kings Sneakers was now able to optimize the results of its marketing campaigns, providing a delightful user experience to its visitors, and increase its conversion rates.

João Navia said:

“Before we got Popconvert and edrone eCRM, we had about 90 thousand emails. But after Popconvert we captured 45k leads already in the first month. In the second month, we captured around 38k to 40k leads. Currently, 35% of our sales are related to the CRM, so we send thousands and thousands of emails that, surely, make a huge positive difference in our business revenue.”

The coupons generated by the Spin to Win wheel encourage the customer to make the purchase. Thus, in addition to increasing the conversion rate, gamification boosts sales conversion, and the business revenue.

Currently, converted coupons generate for Kings over: 

US$ 7.500

in sales.

The quality of the leads generated by Popconvert’s gamification positively impacted the company’s revenue. Also, the Wheel on the website optimized the user experience, creating engagement.

The result is high performance in Kings Sneakers lead generation. In just a few months, the store’s qualified subscriber base has increased considerably, which has resulted in successful email marketing campaigns.

With Popconvert, Kings Sneakers generated:

114.205 leads

João Navia concludes:

“So, I recommend Popconvert. We really like the tool, and for us, Popconvert’s cost-benefit is the best on the market.”

With Popconvert gamification, Kings Sneakers optimized its subscriber base, creating one more successful chapter in its history.