How Maximus Tecidos Finos doubled its email open rate with Popconvert

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What will you learn from this Case Study?

It is true that email marketing still is one of the best ways to boost an ecommerce business’s revenue. But it is also true that when a company sends emails to potential customers, some of them do not open it. However, making your emails to be open is crucial to have a successful email marketing strategy.

The percentage of those who open the email sent by a specific business is what we call the email open rate. The greater the email open rate, the greater the chances of making potential customers become real customers.

In this case study, you’re gonna see how Maximus Tecidos Finos increased its revenue and conversion sales, after starting to use Popconvert.

Let’s get to Know Maximus Tecidos Finos

Maximus Group was founded 35 years ago in Paraná (Brazil) by Ines, stylist, and seamstress. Ines’s children, Junior and Lucas Jacobs, decided to make the family business grow, and also founded Maximus Tecidos, an ecommerce focused on custom clothes.

Currently, Maximus Tecidos offers more than 3 thousand products and has almost 40 thousand clients around Brazil. Their presence in the digital world is increasingly growing. However, they realized that they could become better and bigger. But for that, they would need some help. That’s the reason why they hired us to turn their business even more profitable.

Before Popconvert

One of the main goals of Maximus Tecidos always has been to transform the Brazilian sewing world and get more customers. But how would a family business from a small city in Paraná be able to do so?

Every ecommerce business that wants to become more profitable must invest in good email marketing strategies. However, at first, Maximus Tecidos did not have well-defined email marketing strategies.

That was problematic because without the right email marketing strategies, probably the offers, news, and content sent by email wouldn’t draw the leads’ attention. Defining the best strategies and path for Maximus Tecidos was our priority number 01.

After analyzing the data Maximus already had, we saw that its email open rate was too small and ineffective. We needed to fix this, and that’s what we did.

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How Maximus Tecidos Finos uses Popconvert

Already in the first month using Popconvert, Maximus Tecidos Finos got amazing results. Indeed, its email open rate has more than doubled. Before Popconvert, its open rate was 7%. But after Popconvert, it turned to 15%. A really good improvement.

Popconvert increased Maximus Tecidos lead generation too. Also in the first month, it grew from 65.925k to 100.766K.

The spin to win wheel was essential in this process. After all, gamification engages the user to keep browsing on the website. With it, the visitor will be more willing to buy what the website offers.

These three improvements together helped Maximus Tecidos to increase not only its customers but also its revenue, website traffic, and customer loyalty. Do you also want to get amazing results like these?