How Sidewalk increased sales conversion by almost 10% after one month using Popconvert

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What will you learn from this Case Study?

There are many strategies in order to capture leads and get more online sales. But have you ever wondered about what is the smartest and best way of doing it? Well, there is no only one answer to this. But applying the opt in best practices has been proven to be very profitable.

Opt in is the process where users inform their contact information and sign up for receiving a newsletter, an ebook, or any other kind of content or information. Currently, marketers have been using opt in on their email marketing strategies.

Spin to win wheels is an amazing way to get people’s contact information and grow your mailing list. In this study case, we’re gonna see how Popconvert helped Sidewalk to increase almost 10% its sales conversion by using spin to win wheels and opt in best practices.

Let’s get to Know Sidewalk

Sidewalk was founded in 1982 by three best friends – Luis Gelpi, Eduardo Rizki, and Tinho Azambuja. Inspired by their travel experiences around the world, they decided to create an innovative and authentic way of making fashion. With that in mind, Luis, Eduardo, and Tinho opened the brand’s first store in São Paulo, Brazil.

Sidewalk became a big company, and now it has more than 40 stores around the country. Among these, 16 are located in São Paulo City.

After almost 40 years in the market, Sidewalk keeps being a reference when it comes to Brazilian fashion for those who want comfortable and beautiful clothes.

Before Popconvert

Sidewalk’s main challenge was to increase its sales, generate more qualified leads, and apply opt in good practices on its website.

Static pop ups do not attract the user’s attention. But unfortunately, Sidewalk’s average ticket and sales conversion were being affected by it. The truth is that a new and innovative strategy was required in order to make this company remain growing.

In such a scenario, the partisanship between Popconvert and Sidewalk began, as Popconvert offers a unique and effective strategy to increase sales conversion and improve a company’s revenue by using opt in best practices.

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How Sidewalk uses Popconvert

Popconvert uses Spin to win Wheels to get more leads and increase sales. The wheels’ design matches with the website and draws visitors’ attention. The users play with the Spin to win wheel, and after providing you their contact information, they can get a discount, a coupon, or any other type of prize.

Already in the first month, Sidewalk increased its sales conversion rate to 205 orders thanks to Popconvert and one of its partners, Edrone eCRM.

After starting to use Popconvert, Sidewalk’s user engagement increased. The spin to win wheel, followed by a welcome card, made users feel more likely to remain on the website and make a purchase.

On September 19, after the first month with Popconvert and edrone eCRM, the orders increased from 205 to 225. That’s almost a 10% improvement!

In addition to getting more sales, Sidewalk also could get better and qualified leads, because to play with the spin to win wheel, users had to inform their contact information such as email and name. Now, Sidewalk is able to better convert its leads into customers.

With Popconvert, Sidewalk increased its sales. And just like Popconvert improved Sidewalk rates, Popconvert can also improve your sales conversion and lead generation.