8 expert tatctics for black friday 2020

One of the best seasons of the year for buyers is already coming. Besides the amazing offers and sales in physical stores, it is unquestionable the importance of online sales during this time. In 2019, Black Friday shoppers spent a total of $ 7.4 billion – that’s $1.2 Billion more than the previous year.

After the pandemic began, several changes were seen in the economy related to consumer behavior. People are avoiding to leave their homes during the pandemic, and thus, online shopping has increased a lot.

Especially this year, Black Friday might be the biggest challenge for marketers and ecommerce businesses. And no, I am not talking only about getting sales. As usual, the sales party begins on Thanksgiving and stretches through Cyber Monday. That’s five-days shopping.

It means that even in these troubled times, marketers still have the tremendous opportunity for building up their email database, get new customers, and of course, make a lot of sales.

A Black Friday email campaign is a great way to boost your revenue in the months ahead. However, thousands of emails will also be sent by other businesses, and because of that, it can be difficult to draw your target audience’s attention.

Down below you’ll learn 8 killer tactics to stand out of the crowd, deliver hot email marketing content related to Black Friday 2020, and get the advantage of that special season.

1. Learn about your Customer Profile

Long story short, a customer profile is a detailed description of your target audience. Their age, location, genre, buying behavior, and any other information about them. From this information, you can optimize and better target your campaigns. And that’s what we want.

Of course, it is not always possible to make people buy what you offer. But even so, knowing about the best niche of people for your business will save you money and time.

Targeting your campaigns is extremely important. So, in this Black Friday, do not forget to define which customers you want to reach. The more defined your target audience is, the greater the chances of success when it comes to increasing your conversion sales.

2. Create offers that attract people’s attention

Thanks to these troubled pandemic times, consumers are looking for good deals more than ever. It means that making offers and discounts that draw their attention must be your primary goal.

Unfortunately, some companies are trying to delude their customers, raising their product prices, and pretending to make a big discount, when the truth is that any discounts were given.

That’s a horrible thing to do. The company reputation and customer trust in the brand are greatly affected. Therefore, plan your finances and look for the best way to give real discounts that don’t impact negatively on your business.

Creating a campaign with great discounts might be a challenge, especially in times where the economy is not going well. But even so, it is essential to do this on Black Friday, as this is a day of many opportunities to increase your revenue.

3. Offer Free Shipping

One way to encourage your customers to make a purchase is to offer free shipping. This is a very common strategy used by marketers to increase the number of sales, and the amount of money people spent while buying.

In order to offer free shipping, it is important to make sure to set the limit value above the product average price.

And then, the customer will need to buy something else to achieve the limited value to get the free shipping, instead of just buying any cheap product to reach the minimum required.

So, if your product costs $50, do not offer free shipping for all orders over $55. It would be better to offer free shipping for orders over $80, for example.

4. Pre-sell your products

If you want to engage and instigate your customers, pre-selling your products before Black Friday might be a striking idea.

A pre-sale is great to promote your products, add value to them, and make your customers have a sense of urgency on buying what you offer. You can also offer a good discount on the pre-sale.

5. Use Scarcity Marketing Tactics

For most of the buyers, the main point about Black Friday is discounts, deals, and offers. When potential customers see a limited number available of some product, or a countdown deal they feel instigated to take advantage of it.

That’s an example of what we call scarcity marketing, a widely used strategy on Black Friday. Scarcity marketing tactics aim to create a sense of urgency on prospects and increase sales.

Indeed, this is one of the most effective mental triggers to use at any time of the year, and by applying it, you’ll, for sure, boost your revenue during Black Friday.

6. Extend special offers for your followers and subscribers

If you have a qualified database with leads and loyal customers, offering personalized content is crucial. On Black Friday it is also important to personalize your deals and discounts.

 Many marketers already saw with their own eyes that extend exclusive deals and offers for your followers and subscribers it is a killer strategy. If these people already signed up for receiving your content weekly or monthly, they also might be interested in your special offers.

So, give a step forward and try to convert your leads and subscribers into customers.  Special and exclusive offers increase the user’s engagement with your brand and products.

By doing that, you’ll encourage them to make a purchase, tell other people about it, and then your Black Friday results will be much better.

7. Offer Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday, as the name suggests, is the first Monday after Black Friday. It is quite an event in America because it occurs right after Thanksgiving.

But as you might know, in other parts of the world marketers also have been using this day, as that is a great opportunity to keep making business.

Cyber Monday is very important for ecommerce stores around the globe because it allows them to extend their offers during four entire days, to attract new customers, and of course, make more sales.

Some companies do a special week, the Black Week. Some of them go further and do an entire month of discounts, the Black November.

As you can see, making offers, special deals and discounts are very important at this time of the year. By doing so, and using the right tactics and strategies, your business will stand out from the crowd during Black Friday 2020.

However, focusing on making good offers isn’t enough. I’m sure you also want to increase your conversion rates, attract more loyal customers, and put your products in evidence. But, how could you do such things? Building a qualified subscriber database might help you.

8. Build a qualified leads and subscribers database

When it comes to email marketing strategies, generating leads is critical. With a qualified database, it is possible to increase your email open rate and improve your sales conversion rates. With a list full of new and good leads, you will be able to use one of the most powerful and cheapest channels of all – the email.

As we said above, during Black Friday it is essential to extend offers, discounts, and deals for your prospects. That’s another reason why having a qualified leads database is so important.

However, having a big email list doesn’t mean that that’s a good email list. The significant part of this matter is having a list of active emails. And then, you’ll be able to convert those leads into customers by offering them free shipping, discounts, or coupons, for example.

You also can create targeted campaigns by applying segmented mailing strategies. Currently, the average consumer seeks and values this kind of segmentation. Therefore, if you do like that, the chances of getting successful campaigns increase.

Optimize your Black Friday Campaigns in 2020

As you saw in this article, marketers have a huge challenge in 2020. But still, the scenario seems to be positive for ecommerce businesses. That’s why you must define your strategies to stand out from your competitors on this Black Friday.

Try to increase your lead database, offer good and real discounts, and know deeply about your customer profile. And then, you’ll have successful campaigns during that special time of the year.