opt in: the ultimate guide

The user’s wishes always prevail. Knowing how to ethically capture people’s email address and contact information means to be able to capture qualified leads who are more likely to be converted into sales.

On this account, it is important to understand the basic concepts of opt in in email marketing strategies.

It is very unpleasant to receive an email that we are not interested in and that we do not asked for. These emails are what we call spam and generally they do not interest us.

In order to build an email marketing strategy, it is important to understand that sending emails to people who never asked for them and people that never gave their contact information, is ineffective.

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That is because, there was no previous interest in the product, content, or service offered by you. And unfortunately, that being the case, those emails usually go to the spam box.

That’s why we all must comprehend the opt in basic principles. In other words, you want your potential customers to sign up, and agree to receive emails with content, offers, coupons, etc.

For the email marketing strategy to be effective, the email capture must be organic and ethical. And then your leads will be interested on the content you sent. By doing that your conversion rates and customer loyalty will also increase.

The objective is to make the lead signs up to receive, for example, a discount coupon to get some exclusive content or to receive a newsletter. After this, you must send an email confirming that the lead has accepted to receive the emails and then you ask if he or she is interested in continuing to receive that content.

If your company wants to capture more leads and have a qualified leads base, understanding what are the opt in basic concepts is fundamental. That is because, it determines how reliable that email is. Understanding the concepts of opt in will increase your qualified leads capture and your chances of sales conversion. Opt in determines how the email capture will be done.

So, the premise of opt in is simple. It is a visitor’s voluntary registration to receive emails in the future.

Soft opt in

Soft opt in is one of the simplest and least effective ways to capture leads. With soft opt in, there is no protection when receiving contact data. There is no confirmation email, there is no way to know if the registered email is active. It is simple, but it can be very ineffective because there is no qualified lead generation.

It is very easy to send a message to any email address, with no confirmation about the email existence. By using soft opt in you perhaps will be sending messages to leads that do not exist.

Single opt in

Here the visitor needs to confirm that he agrees to receive emails. Despite decreasing the chances of having wrong emails in the database and feeding leads that do not exist, it is still not the safest and most efficient way.

Double opt in

It requires double confirmation and it is the safest strategy. The visitor receives a confirmation email and clicks on the link authorizing to receive future emails.

It is the safest and most efficient way, since leads who accept to receive future emails are more likely to maintain interest and remain engaged. There was initial interest, after all, the visitors voluntarily informed their contact information.

In order to create relevant content that engages the leads and that increases the sales conversion rate, it is important to have a good, qualified, and segmented database. And then, you can target your sales strategies and to direct content, offers, promotions, coupons, and information for people that are really interested in it.

In order to capture leads and capture emails, it is essential to think about strategies for doing that, such as creating valuable content in blogs, ebooks, newsletters, video tutorials, webinars, articles.

You can also offer coupons through pop ups on the website or forms. Your leads will provide you their email address in exchange for that content. And then, they perhaps will become loyal customers who defend your brand.

Opt out

This is when a lead decides to leave your email database. It is important to facilitate this option because it makes no sense to maintain leads that are no longer engaged and have no interest in what your company has to offer. In addition, an email that is no longer welcome risks being marked as spam, and we do not want this.

What is the best way to use Opt in?

Currently, there are marketing automation tools that can help you to capture emails and to generate leads. Tools that can increase your sales conversion and traffic on your site.

Now that you understand the basic concepts of opt in, you already know that there are more effective and assertive ways of capturing emails.

As we said above, there are safer ways to have a qualified leads database. But if you want to do so, it is critial to keep the users engaged and encouraged to provide their contact information.

This is one of the Popconvert principles, a software that uses gamification to engage and attract users. With that, Popconvert generates qualified leads and optimize sales conversion.

We know that pop ups on a website are a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation. If you get Popconvert, your pop ups will be displayed without interrupting the user’s experience on the website and a product will be offered, for example.

However, to obtain it the users must log in via Facebook or Google, and then we can obtain their email.

That way, you guarantee the lead generation through a dynamic experience. You can also start thinking about strategies to nurture your lead through future emails and how to make your customers come back to you and make a new purchase.

Understanding the basic principles of email marketing and how to capture emails and increase your lead base is an important part of an ecommerce marketing strategy.

Engaging leads who want to receive your content increases the chances of converting sales. Knowing how to capture these leads organically is something powerful to build a company with a good reputation. Actually, that is one of the strategies to have a successful business.