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How Maximus Tecidos Finos doubled its email open rate with Popconvert What will you learn from this Case Study? It is true that email marketing still is one of the best ways to boost an ecommerce business’s revenue. But it is also true that when a company sends emails to potential customers, some of them [...]
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How Kings Sneakers increased its lead capture by 1.380% and made over US$ 7.500 with Popconvert gamification. I think you’ll agree with me that leads are essential to every marketing strategy. Indeed, the subscriber base quality it’s critical when it comes to optimizing the results of your campaigns. In this customer story, you will see [...]
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How Sidewalk increased sales conversion by almost 10% after one month using Popconvert What will you learn from this Case Study? There are many strategies in order to capture leads and get more online sales. But have you ever wondered about what is the smartest and best way of doing it? Well, there is no [...]